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Stephone, an emerging luxury brand born in the shadow of the urban lifestyle it is inspired by. Our mission is simple: To use our creativity to combine walks of all life into our fashion with the focus of bringing everyone together. Currently our main goal is to get our flagship design VET MMXIX into retailers around the world.

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We Donate To An Important Cause

We donate a portion of sales to the non-profit organization Mary J. Blige For The Advancement Of Women Now, INC

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Handcrafted in Italy

All custom shoes are handcrafted by master Italian craftsman

Unique Limited Edition Product

Vet mmxix is a protected design and Limited Edition product. You can only find the very limited quantities here in this shop. When purchasing one of the few available, you will receive an official Limited Edition Certificate, with the unique Limited Edition design code: #CR4774. (Each code is unique and different)

Collector's Edition Packaging

Handmade Italian constructed packaging. Quality gloss paper which is strictly sourced from Fabriano, Italy


The shoes are so well made, and the leather is very soft. You can see and feel the quality.

Donna Madronal

The stitching and materials used to create these magnificent shoes are amazing

Hasan Yates

The overall quality of the shoes are amazing; the craftsmanship that was put in is top notch.

RJ Santiago